Sachien Raghoe - managing editorSachien Raghoe

Founder & managing editor

Sachien Raghoe is founder and managing editor of Aikido Insight Magazine. He practices the art of budo for over 37 years now, starting with judo in his early days (earning a 1st dan grade) and focusing on Aikido for the last 22 years (earning a 4th dan grade). He is dojo-cho of the Aikido Centrum Rotterdam dojo and provides social Aikido projects, management workshops, and training courses for adults, children, and youth using Aikido philosophy, principles, and techniques.

He strongly believes that the Aikido Insight Magazine will preserve O´Sensei´s legacy for the future. Together with a selective group of professionals, each of which have proven their expertise in daily live and in business, he gets a lot of positive energy and satisfaction when realizing a new issue of this initiative. He hopes that all readers, aikido practitioners and other interested persons, will recognize the effort and passion which has been invested by this group of people in creating this unique magazine for all Aikido practitioners.

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